Brow Extension

The PARTY Brow is a ground breaking new service that uses the most incredible and safe high grade adhesive made especially for application of brow extensions directly to your skin. Lash House Beauty Boutique is honored and proud to be among the first in the United States to offer this innovative beauty treatment.

Brow Extensions are made from ultra-thin diameter sterilized PBT material (same material as lash extensions). Unlike eyelash extensions, brow extensions are not curled so they can seamlessly blend with existing brow hairs, or look natural on someone who is without natural brows. The result: natural, life-like eyebrows! We offer these amazing brows in four different colors: auburn, medium brown, honey blonde and dark brown.

Minor Reconstruction

For clients who have naturally full brows with only a minor area needing attention.

Complete Reconstruction

For clients without any natural eyebrow hair. We completely rebuild the eyebrows.

30 min/$60

Many factors like natural skin oils, lifestyle, workout routine, how fast your skin sheds naturally and how well they are cared for effect the longevity of Brow Extensions

**If you have any allergies to latex, adhesives/glues or cyanoacrylates you can NOT receive this service. Consultation is needed before booking initial appointment **

Keratin Brow Infusion 60min $135

Shaping and tinting of the brows followed by a keratin brow treatment that will lift and lay the brow to hold the perfect shape in place for up to 8 weeks. It will infuse each brow hair with Natural Protein Complex for Strength. This treatment will transform the look and shape of the brow by enhancing the volume and thickness of each strand of brow hair while encouraging new growth and restructuring the shape of the brow.