How to import hair from Vietnam: Things you must know.

 How to import hair from Vietnam: Things you must know.

How to import hair from Vietnam: Things you must know.

Finding respectable partners is one of the first and most important considerations for hair sellers looking to enter the hair business. You have no notion what authentic hair providers are capable of meeting their needs based on their own set of standards. Don’t be concerned; you’ve come to the perfect place for accurate information on how to import hair from Vietnam on this blog. Let’s get this party started right away!

How to import hair from Vietnam: Things you must know.

Why should I choose Vietnamese to import?

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese hair market is still in its infancy when compared to the Chinese or Indian markets, it has grown rapidly in recent years and has become one of the top hair suppliers and the preferred option of hair merchants worldwide. Here are some reasons why you should choose Vietnamese hair for importing.

Best hair quality – How to import hair from Vietnam?

To begin, Vietnamese women’s hair is known for being naturally smooth and healthy. Vietnamese hair comes from women who live in hilly places, where the temperature is cold and the hair is dull. As a result, their hair is sun-protected and does not split at the ends.

Hair sources were one of the most important aspects in Vietnam’s growth.

Women in the region also pay great attention to hair care; they never wash their hair with dangerous chemicals, choosing instead to utilize herbs such as boket, lemongrass, and grapefruit oil, which they know are the finest natural gifts for their hair. Thanks to the careful hair care, hair quality of Vietnamese women is really good and it enables factories to produce a wide rage of hairstyles such as quick weave hairstyles, straight, bone straight, curly, wavy, colored styles or so on.

Vietnamese wome uses herbs to wash their hair

Vietnam has recently emerged as the most well-known emerging country in the hair extension business. Despite the fact that Vietnam’s hair business has been expanding for some time, the country has built a reputation for exporting hair to high-demand markets such as the US, the UK, Russia, Brazil, and Europe… Apart from Vietnamese and Chinese hair, hair sources differ significantly between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, the world’s largest hair market.

Best policies – How to import hair from Vietnam

The excellence in policies perform in both customer and employee policies.

When determining whether or not a hair provider is trustworthy, customer service is critical. Through lawful methods, wholesale hair merchants obtain personal information from target persons and clients. The information is collected for legitimate purposes, such as tailoring the customer’s experience, requesting feedback to improve the company’s service, or double-checking the delivery address when things are ordered. 

Vietnamese hair vendors have Excellent customer policy.

Your personal information will not be sold, traded, transferred, or given to any other hair salon. The registration forms on the websites capture basic information such as location, gender, and phone number, as well as contact information. The information on your accessing device and direct provision from the salesman are two further factors to consider.

Which hair qualities can be found in the Vietnamese hair market?

With so many online retailers offering Vietnamese hair, it’s important to know that you may select from a range of human hair extensions. Let’s listen to what they have to say.

Virgin hair – best hair quality in the market

Human hair extensions that have not been processed and come from a single donor are known as virgin hair extensions. It isn’t bleached or coloured, and it is completely natural. This hair type is rare and expensive since it is not treated with harsh chemicals. Because it comes from younger ladies, virgin hair is free of grey hairs and damaged ends.

Donors must have long, full, healthy human hair when choosing virgin hair. It’s normally hand-picked from thick, full, long ponytails when it’s collected. Because virgin hair obtained from ponytails is made up of healthy, unprocessed hair, it doesn’t need any further chemical processing to look great.

Virgin hair is the best of human hair extensions

This high-quality natural hair might last up to two years. With this kind, there is usually no tangling. If combed often and cleansed with shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis, virgin hair can last for over a year. Also, while washing dry hair, always use shampoo and conditioner in the same direction, and avoid using hair washes that include alcohol. Excessive usage of heat stylers is not recommended.

Remy hair – the most popular hair quality in Vietnam

Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extensions on the market due to their great quality and inexpensive price. Remy hair is a high-quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends in with your natural hair perfectly. Hair with all of its cuticles intact and flowing in the same direction is referred to as “remy hair” (at time of collection).

Human hair extensions come from remy hair.

If all hair strands are in the same direction, there will be almost no tangling or matting (if processed properly). Hair from real, high-quality remy hair is healthy, with unbroken cuticles that flow in the same direction from root to tip.

Steps How to import hair from Vietnam. 

These are steps How to import hair from Vietnam.

  • Contact the preferred Vietnamese hair vendors: Using the information from the previous step, you contact the appropriate hair suppliers and ask for the necessary information on how to import hair from Vietnam. Hair vendor representatives will assist you in finding the appropriate hair products.
  • Select hairstyles: Users can import various hairstyles based on market trends while learning how to import hair from Vietnam.
  • Determine the best shipping and payment options: Vietnamese hari providers provide shipping and payment options based on geographical locations to save clients time and money. Ask hairstylists for the most up-to-date information. You have the option of paying in full or making a deposit for their deal.
  • Examine the complete procedure: Buyers will be sent invoice bills for transparency when payment is completed. All you have to do now is wait for them to receive their items once a specific amount of time has passed. Examine them thoroughly to ensure there are no issues.
How to import hair from K-Hair Vietnam?

We hope that after reading this post, you can understand more about hair extensions and the process to import them from reliable Vietnamese hair factories. Please remember that human hair bulk is the key to your hair extension wholesale or retail business:

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