Indian Hair Factory: Reasons for quite cheap hair prices

 Indian Hair Factory: Reasons for quite cheap hair prices

Indian Hair Factory: Reasons for quite cheap hair prices.

Many, if not all, hair vendors have imported hair extensions from an Indian hair manufacturer for sale. If you’ve ever worked with an Indian hair factory, you’ll notice the pricing and quantity discrepancies between Vietnamese and Indian hair factories. In this essay, we’ll go through them in detail.

Indian Hair Factory: Reasons for quite cheap hair prices.

Some knowledge about Indian hair factory

First and first, you must have some basic information of Indian hair factories in order to understand them. You can also read the overall truths about wholesale hair factory to know the position of Indian hair factories as well. The story of wholesale hair factories worldwide will consist of the stories of different hair vendors and hence give you the most detailed information.

Sources of hair in Indian hair factory

“How could Indian hair be so cheap?” is the query. In reality, both men and women in India, a Hindu country, give their hair to temples as a gesture of thanking God. If you want Indian hair, this is the place to go. The hair is unsorted and thrown together, resulting in a low-quality product and, of course, a low price, which is frequently regarded as the lowest on the market. The majority of this hair is subsequently acquired and recycled by hair manufacturers.

Indian hair comes frpm temples

Top 4 Indian hair factory supply you high quality hair extensions.

There are some recommended best Indian hair suppliers in the Indian hair factory list for you consideration. If you are about to deal Indian hair with Indian hair factory, they are ideal suggestions for you.

Chennai Hair Factoy

With nearly a decade of experience, Chennai Hair Factory is dedicated to providing the best conditions for Remy hair extensions in India, with a variety of hair extensions that come with intact cuticles, while adhering to its guidelines of quality-oriented products, experienced professionals, on-time delivery, and so on. Furthermore, their hair products come in a variety of types, including wave, deep, curly, straight, kinky, curly, and more. Their aim in strategy guidelines as a leading human hair distributor in India is to increase consumer confidence.

Chennai Hair Factory provides the best conditions for hair extensions in India

Contact information: 

  • Email:
  • Hotline: +91-7397008800

Hair Exim

Clients appear to view Hair Exim’s logo in terms of payment method: “We now accept Paypal,” as a distinguishing aspect of this brand, when most other providers do not. If you’re really inquisitive, don’t hesitate to figure out the difference. More significantly, Hair Exim’s road map begins with their objective, which is durability, which is a basic operating philosophy as well as the industry standard for processing and resolution.

Hair Exim is a famous India hair factory

Contact information: 

  • Email:,
  • Whatsapp: +91 9941366664

Dhwarak Indian Hair 

Dhawarak Indian Hair’s 3200 square meter human hair extensions production facility combines historical manufacturing traditions with contemporary technologies. Human Hair Wholesalers from the United States, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and other Western European countries, as well as Australia and the Middle East, are their key partners.

Dhwarak Indian Hair is recommended for you

Contact information:

Email :

Phone :​+91 9884 999 828


Indian Hair Giant

With 4000 square feet in the south of India, adjacent to Indian temples where we obtain raw Indian hair in bulk, Indian Hair Giant has become one of the leading Remy Hair Extension Indian companies. Furthermore, after clients place an order in their basket, it will be delivered the next day—an example of Indian Hair Giant’s high-speed delivery. As you can see, Indian Hair Giant made good use of the growth of technical sites for its business, resulting in a large number of handsome profits!

Indian Hair Giant – best wholesale hair vendors 2022

Contact information: 

  • Hotline: 00917305308845
  • Email: 

Why are the prices of hair in Indian hair factory quite cheap?

In comparison, Indian hair factory always supply hair at cheap prices. Let’s have explanations for it and see whether it is a bargin or not?

The cheap price of Indian hair

Because of its sources, Indian raw hair bulks are sold at a very cheap prices to wholesale hair vendors. For example, you can see the price table below, the monetary unit is Rs

Hair prices in Indian hair market

Features of cheap hair in Indian hair factory

Indian hair are mostly regarded as hair extensions cheap, as the name implies, are human hair extensions marketed at a low cost in hair markets across the world. The term “cheap” refers to prices that are lower than the average for hair. Not all inexpensive hair products are bad, but they can’t be compared to high-quality, more expensive alternatives. Before you buy inexpensive human hair extensions, you should be aware of the following features:

  • Human hair extensions are only good for two weeks or three uses before they need to be thrown away.
  • Because human hair extensions are not of excellent quality, they are easily tangled, split, and unlush.
  • Not for occasional hairstyling: the fragile cuticles of cheap human hair extensions cannot withstand the heat and hazardous chemicals used in bleaching and coloring.
  • Human hair extensions cheap, on the other hand, are budget-friendly, making them ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much on hair extensions but still want to possess some.
Features of Indian cheap hair

Vietnamese hair factory – one of the biggest hair competitor to Indian hair factory

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese hair market is still in its infancy compared to the Chinese or Indian markets, it has expanded significantly in recent years and has become the favorite choice of hair merchants all over the world.

Hair sources in Vietnamese hair factory

All of the hair materials are made completely of human hair from Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is special in that it is exclusively purchased from women between the ages of 18 and 25, who are still young and healthy, and who pay more attention to hair upkeep. Natural herbs such as coconut oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, and others are used by women in rural and mountainous areas to wash their hair instead of chemical shampoos, and their hair is noted for being strong, glossy, silky, and not tangled, shedding, or split.

Vietnamese hair sources are famous for good features

Vietnamese human hair extensions are popular among wholesale hair dealers all over the world because they can fulfill both their pricing and quality requirements. Almost all resellers want to save money and make more money, but they still want to offer high-quality human hair extensions on the internet. In compared to two other marketplaces, Vietnamese hair is of considerably superior quality, and the price is, of course, slightly more. But believe me when I say that quality always goes hand in hand with price.

K-Hair is the best address to import hair among Vietnamese hair factory

Hair extensions are on the proper road in the guidance of K-hair sellers Vietnam since they come from a high-quality source of Vietnamese hair. K-hair is regarded to be in Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022 and gradually utilizes its position to increase its range in order to generate attractive earnings. If you’re unsure whether hair suppliers are trustworthy, K-hair hair extensions for your partner are a great option!

K-Hair is the leading hair vendor in Vietnam

With the slogan “Quality is King,” K-Hair Company focuses all of its efforts on hair resources and providing great customer service. Since its inception in 1992, K-HAIR has seen various ups and downs. K-Hair has shipped processed hair commodities to a number of countries and territories, and it already has three companies in Vietnam, Nigeria, and the United Nations, all of which are being considerably improved in order to achieve the group’s incredible success.

Contact for more information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Many hair items can be found in K-Hair Vietnam

Weft hair, tip and Tape in hair extensions, lace closure and lace frontal and 360 wigs are the major products of the K-Hair Company, which have been shipped to many nations and territories across the world and have earned a reputation for high-quality products. Furthermore, as previously said, all of these goods are created entirely of high-quality human hair, so you may import hair from K-Hair without concern of receiving low-quality hair.

K-Hair collection is always updated to hair trends

Because they are well-informed about global hair trends and seek to adapt to them, K-Hair Vietnam’s hair products are popular among both wholesale hair merchants and individual clients. The color ombre, for example, has been popular for some years and is, of course, available in K-Hair Vietnam’s hair color collection. They also provide a significant discount on all hair products for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other events throughout the year, which is a fantastic value for wholesale hair dealers. But, above all, K-Hair Vietnam places a high value on quality, and you will be entirely satisfied whenever you deal with them.

How to import hair from K-Hair?

There are some steps for you to follow to order hair from K-Hair, the top 1 hair factory among Vietnamese hair factories now:

  • Step 1: Access to the website and choose the products you want. After that, contact the sale staff through the hotline +84855588000 (Mr Cherry CEO of K-Hair)
  • Step 2: You deal with the salers for your orders and will get the invoice 
  • Step 3: You pay the deposit money for your packages
  • Step 4: After you pay, your orders are transported to the factory and the workers start working
  • Step 5: When the products are finished, we will call you to confirm and ship. You will receive them at your locals after a few days.

Two tips to start an Indian hair factory

Developing a desire to create a human hair extensions business and profit from this multibillion-dollar market. If you want to be successful, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose a reliable partner 

To be successful, you must find a reputable Human hair extensions provider who can not only ensure the quality of the input materials, but also offer advise on how to handle problems. Having a reliable distributor also allows your company to collaborate with other firms in the industry, making it easier to export goods. Start by looking for human hair extensions in your neighborhood if you want to make rapid changes.

Choose a reliable partner is an important step

Pay attention to hair extensions quality

Remember the expression “quality is the key” while manufacturing anything, especially if your firm is still in its early stages. One assumption is that in order to thrive in business, you must go through many ups and downs, with the early stages serving as a test of whether or not you should continue.

Pay attention to hair extensions quality

In addition, a high-quality customer policy is necessary. Whether you believe it or not, poor customer service has a significant negative influence on your organization. It may have a short-term impact, but it might have a long-term bad impact on your reputation. Customers are more likely to offer feedback after a bad encounter than they are after a good one. Please remember that customer review can boost the wholesale hair vendors but can also defeat wholesale hair vendors, no matter where the the vendors come from.

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