Lash House offers a special and unique collection of beauty products that truly represent the “best-of-the-best” across a variety of beauty brands and lines. Each item is hand-selected by Suzette, allowing discriminating Lash House clients to continue being pampered at home, for superior beauty care inside and out.

Harper + Ari

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are sized perfectly for individual use. One cube will exfoliate and nourish the entire body.

To use take a single cube with you in the shower or bath and gently massage over wet skin. (we like to break the cube up in our hands first with a little water!)

Concentrate on any rough patches. Recommended use is twice a week, or whenever you need a little extra pampering. These are for body only.

Grande Lips

Experience true plumping power with GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper! This lip plumper, infused with VolulipTM and Hyaluronic Acid, instantly improves lip volume in 3-5 minutes and hydrates dry areas. Its clinically proven formula increases overall lip hydration (51%), volume (15%), softness (11%) and firmness (13%) in just 30 days of usage when applied twice daily. GrandeLIPS’s unique cushion applicator easily wipes clean, feels smooth on the lips and combines effortlessly with other lip products.

Toss Design

Since 2004, the girls at Toss have been living and breathing handbags! With a flair for fashion and an eye for detail, Toss has become the authority on totes, travel bags and all accessories in between. Fashion divas flock to Toss for the fresh patterns, unique color combos and functional shapes. Ranging from rolling duffels in wild and whimsical prints to beautiful caning totes trimmed in patent, each season’s assortment highlights the very latest in fashion and style.

Wrinkle Schminkle

The Schminkles story is easy to understand. Once upon a time...we saw a problem. We found a solution. Now we’re delivering it to you - Peel. Stick. Sleep. Wash. Glow.

Our 3-step product range takes proven medical innovation and applies it to your skin in an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself routine.

Step 1: Silicone Pads worn while you sleep
Step 2: Cleaning Solution to wash the pads
Step 3: Morning After Glow Serum to plump your wrinkles

And your skin lives happily ever after.

The End.

Allegory Story

Founded in 2016, Allegory Story is an indie makeup brand based in New York City that looks to art + literature for inspiration. The meaning of Allegory is a story in which characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human existence. Each of our shades reference an allegorical theme with abstract meaning about beauty + life. Allegory Story encourages you to think about the deeper meanings and layers of beauty that surround us and the artistic experience we all have with makeup.


Made in California and designed to be Hollywood’s quick-fixing treatment, GLAMGLOW produces instant results and glowing, camera-ready skin. The gentle, exfoliating Mud Mask—a “facial in a jar”—was created for men and women of all ages and all skin types. Powered by mud found off the coast of southern France—which is high in ancient volcanic pumice rock, super antioxidants, and minerals—GLAMGLOW leaves pores minimized and skin noticeably smooth and soft.


Lampe Berger is an air purifier that eliminates unpleasant odors while perfuming a room with an enjoyable aroma. Created by pharmacist Maurice Berger in the late 1800s as a meansof disinfecting hospitals, the diffusing system soon became a collector’s item for in-home use, with lamps designed by the likes of Cristal de Baccarat, Emile Galle and Cristalleries de Sant Louis. Lampe are now available in more than 100 designs and over 30 fragrances, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere for your home, office or client welcome area.


The Lip Slip by Sara Happ hydrates your lips like nothing else. The One Luxe lip gloss keeps its color all day long so you need not reapply. You can also wear it at night for the ideal moisture treatment. Either way, you’ll love the hues, hydration and durability!


The Lip Scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips ridiculously soft and supple. Massage a generous amount of The Lip Scrub onto lips using a firm, circular motion. Wipe away with a tissue. Follow up with The Lip Slip. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Chrissanthie Lid Cleanser is a unique cleansing formula that not only effectively removes eye make-up (even water-proof mascara) but has been shown to help people suffering from blepharitis.

Simply apply a small quantity to a cotton wool disc soaked in warm water, close your eyes and wipe upper and lower lids and eyelashes, then rinse. Ingredients include water, Sodium Lauryl, Sulphate, Propylene Glycol, Lauryl Betaine, Disodium Lauryl, Sulfosuccinate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Alernifolia oil, Citrus oil, Polysorbate, and Diazolidinyl Urea.


LaLicious is a delectable line of body products that includes all-natural body paraben-free soufflé scrubs and paraben-free body butters. Scents include Brown Sugar & Vanilla, Coconut Cream, Sugar Kiss, Tiare Flower and Lemon Blossom.


Deepa Gurnani was conceived in the dreams and passions shared by husband and wife partnership, Deepa and Jay Lakhani. After their marriage in 2005, the duo combined their talents to create a line of unique and distinctive embroidered accessories.

He dreamt of combining the art of fine jewelry with fashion accessories, to create easy-to-wear works of art. He noticed a trend for black and basic-silhouettes in the marketplace. This proved to be the perfect blank canvas for his exquisitely embroidered accessories. After their marriage, the two designers collaborated and launched their label “Deepa Gurnani”, which continues to amaze, and inspire fans, season after season. Their first line was launched at Henri Bendel’s, NYC in November 2006 and is subsequently sold in various stores across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Beauty sleep takes on a new meaning with Morning Glamour’s wrinkle preventing, gentle-on-hair satin pillowcases. Studies have shown that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can reduce wrinkles and help prevent hair loss and breakage. This is especially important because those “sleep wrinkles” that develop overnight might become permanent as we age. Yikes!As for your hair/lashes? Friction between your hair/lashes and a cotton pillowcase can cause hair damage & breakage. When you eliminate friction by sleeping on a smooth satin pillowcase, you eliminate that morning frizz and keep your locks healthy. You’ll be hooked on Morning Glamour’s satin bliss from the first night, and those sleep lines and broken hairs will be a thing of the past.


Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with industry expertise, Kelley developed and designed her own line of products to make it easier to maintain perfect brows between appointments. Her high quality cosmetics include brow powder, angle and smudge brushes, tweezers, brow gel, lip gloss, and highlighter pencil. They can be found at luxury retailer, Fred Segal, and the beauty industry’s preferred supply shop, Frends Beauty.


DollyMoo products are hand-crafted using carefully selected ingredients. Blended in small batches with lots of love and good energy. Tested on loving (yet brutally honest) friends and family.


A simple system for maintaining smooth, bump-free skin after hair removal is as easy as 1-2-3! (1. soothe; 2. exfoliate; 3. treat)


Neu Cosmetics DMCC is a newly established company in the UAE fueled with the passion to introduce outstanding and dazzling cosmetics jewels to the Middle East.

We only focus on a small portfolio of products that we know WORKS and TRUST and that we can stand for in this fast moving and changing industry​. Including our 2 favorite products neuLash and neuBrow. ​​​​


To burn a voluspa candle is to be introduced to a world of excellence in fragrance and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxe to everyday living. Fueled by a love for art, fragrance and elegant illumination, troy and traci arntsen created their first scented candle in their kitchen in 1999. Combining traci’s expert nose and knowledge of botany with troy’s engineering technical background, the duo is credited with developing clean burning and potently fragrant candles renowned in the industry. Voluspa’s creamy coconut wax blend enhances fragrance throw, burns ultra clean, and delights consumers worldwide. Finding their niche by creating striking packaging and extraordinary scents, voluspa home fragrance products are found in prestigious retailers around the world and have become a staple in the homes of Hollywood’s elite. Regularly featured in editorial articles written for beauty, fashion and home magazines, voluspa has become a household name.