Tip in hair extensions: Most aesthetic hair extensions method for thicker and longer hair.

 Tip in hair extensions: Most aesthetic hair extensions method for thicker and longer hair.

Tip in hair extensions

Tip in hair extensions were established to cater to youthful, busy women in the twenty-first century who are searching for a hair extensions method that may offer them the aesthetic look. These tip ins provide females a very natural hair appearance due to their unique application. You should give it a go right now.

Tape in hair extensions

What is tip in hair extensions?

Whether you have fine, thick, long, or short hair, tip in hair extensions are a terrific way to add volume and length to your tresses. Knowing which extension treatments are suitable for your hair type and desired style is even more important. When it comes to swiftly boosting length and volume, the tip in extensions approach is fantastic.

Definitions of two styles of tip in hair extensions?

Tip in hair extensions consist of two types: u tip hair extensions and i tip hair extensions. Let’s see what are they

U tip hair extensions

When it comes to integrating hair extensions, a hot compress should be considered. And how do you feel about the heat and the heat in your hair? The U tip hair extensions are keratin-prepped hair extensions that are administered to the customer via a perm or perm. Fusion is another name for this type of hair extension.

U tip hair extensions

To install the u-shaped fusion expansion, you must melt keratin using a heating instrument. Even though these gadgets utilize a fraction of the heat created by a regular curling iron, you may have fragile or damaged hair and want to remain as far away from the heat as possible.

I tip hair extensions

The I tip hair extensions, also known as a stick tip, gets its name from the shape of the keratin tips that hold the hair together, which are usually roughly a centimeter long. With lengths ranging from 14″ to 24″, you can have dream mermaid hair in a day. Given the multitude of ways to utilize I-tips, it’s simple to see why they’re so popular. 

I tip hair extensions

Micro-rings are used to secure I tip to your hair, which are then fastened with pliers. This maintains the extension in place by holding your hair in the ring. Heat may or may not be required, depending on your hair type and condition. Your extensions specialist will advise you accordingly.

How long tip in hair extensions last?

The installation will last six to eight months with good upkeep and care, while the hair will last a little over a year. This implies that a single bundle of hair may be utilized in two different setups. The keratin that the tips are connected with, on the other hand, will break down over time as it softens with each wash.

How long tip in hair extensions last?

Regularly wrapping or pin-curling hair and cleaning your extensions every two to three weeks are required for home care. Pitre suggests going to the salon every four to six weeks to have the cylinders opened and shedding or dead hair removed. The stylist will slip the cylinder back up and attach it over fresh growth once all debris has been removed.

Two styles of tip in hair extensions in more detail

Knowing some information about these two hair types of tip in hair extensions, you may not see the differences between them. And now, we will discuss them in detail.

I tip hair extensions

I tip hair extensions are a good choice since they provide you easy access to your scalp. Unlike sew in weaves, when the bulk of natural hair is braided down behind the extensions, all of your natural hair will be left out.

Pros and cons of i tip hair extensions

  • Unlike u tip hair extensions, I tip hair extensions do not require heat, which is why this method is also known as cold fusion. There is no need for adhesive with I Tip Sticks because they are attached with little beads. The lack of heat in this procedure decreases the possibility of hair damage.
  • Hair may be reused, and any extension that has slipped down or off can be repaired in approximately an hour by a competent specialist. It’s possible to put it so near to the roots that it matches our real hair completely.
  • Because the attachment points are constructed of copper, they are rough and might be irritating, especially in the first few weeks following installation. Certain folks may also feel discomfort or an itchy scalp.
  • I tip constructed from remy human hair extensions has a long lifespan, lasting up to six months. Fine hair is defined as hair that is short and thin. Hair extensions are recommended for fine hair.
  • It takes a long time to apply, with a national average of 4-6 hours compared to 2-3 hours for skilled stylists.
Pros and cons of i tip hair extensions

How to apply i tip hair extensions

These are detailed steps to apply i tip hair extensions:

  • Several copper micro rings should be put into the micro ring loop.
  • Insert a strand of hair into the loop at the tip.
  • Slide the micro ring up the loop.
  • Pull the loop and hair down through the copper micro ring.
  • In the tiny ring, place the I tip of a human hair extension.
  • Squeeze the copper micro ring tightly using I tip pliers.
  • Do the following to strengthen your grip: I tip pliers come with a ridge that may be used to crimp a little ring.
How to apply i tip hair extensions

U tip hair extensions

Hot fusion u tip hair extensions human hair Keratin glue is mild on hair and provides a long-lasting bond while yet allowing natural movement. The u tip attachment is tiny and nearly unnoticeable, and it may be modified for fine hair by cutting it into 2-3 smaller bonds.

Pros and cons of u tip hair extensions

  • This gives it a natural look. The open area provides your hair a natural look and allows it to move freely.
  • Long-lasting: With careful care, a correctly installed hair extension can last up to six months. A u tip hair extension is therefore a long-lasting hair extension.
  • Italian Keratin, a protein component inherent in natural hair, is used to make the re-bonded u-tip hair extension. This gives your hair a more natural appearance while also reducing breakage.
  • Time-consuming: Applying the extension to your hair takes a long time. Due to the lengthy steps you must complete in order to fully request for the extension, it might take anything from 2 to 6 hours.
  • Heat is required to attach the U-tip hair extension, which not only affects the stylist’s hands but may also harm your hair if you are not careful. An Acetone solution is used to remove the extension, and the combination of this chemical solution and heat might be damaging to your natural hair.
Pros and cons of u tip hair extensions

How to apply u tip hair extensions

For a whole head, this might take many hours of application time and can be extremely messy. As a result, hiring a professional to complete the application procedure is usually suggested.

  • To begin, your natural hair has been thoroughly cleansed with a clarifying shampoo. The keratin bonds will be able to hold your hair more securely as a result of this.
  • Your hair is then separated into four sections: top, bottom, left, and right. Starting from the bottom and working up, the stylist will begin the procedure.
  • The U tip hair extensions are then inserted beneath your hair, around 12 inch from the root. Then, using the rolling procedure, the keratin bond is melted and incorporated with the natural hair. When the keratin cools, it forms a strong link between your hair and the U tip hair extensions.

Steps to start your own tip in hair extensions business

Human hair extensions at wholesale prices are now available. I believe many merchants are anxious to expand their business quickly, so they overlook quality and focus instead on the number of things they supply. This is a significant oversight! You should make a detailed plan to decide what to do at every stage.

Find potential market to deal tip in hair extensions

Because the hair market is growing at a quicker rate than ever before, there are a rising number of wholesale hair extensions providers supplying hair all over the globe. Vietnam is one of the most well-known wholesale hair extensions you can take into consideration for dealing with.

Find potential market to deal tip in hair extensions

Vietnam – a small but promising market for human hair extensions, in my opinion.

In terms of the rest of the world, the Vietnamese have made considerable success since they began shipping large quantities of hair to discriminating markets year after year, establishing themselves as one of the leading human hair extensions online hair providers. Despite the fact that it is a newcomer to this multibillion-dollar industry, it has earned a spot among the top wholesale hair countries.

K-Hair is the best choice for Vietnamese tip in hair extensions

K-Hair has been in the top list of reliable Vietnamese hair factories is no longer a mysterious brand because of its global reputation as a prospective hair source for many partners. K-hair makes constant efforts for the trend in this million industry, with sustainable development as a goal of its operations. Thanks to sound corporate strategies, the level of consumption has tended to surpass forecasts for many years. Users will undoubtedly experience their content and compassion from both K- hair goods and human elements after being a royal customer.

K-Hair is the recommended hair vendors in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website: www.k-hair.com
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Know how to import hair from Vietnam

How to import hair from Vietnam?

Whatever country you’re from, there are a few basic procedures to importing hair from many different marketplaces throughout the world:

Step 1: Go to the brand’s website and look for your product.

Step 2: Contact their people via Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram for further information about their products, payment, and shipment.

Step 3: Receive your things, examine your invoice, and pay your invoice.

Step 4: Wait a few days for your products to arrive. Ascertain that it is in ruins and that there is nothing that can be done.

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