Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022: Some main hair markets for hair wholesalers

 Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022: Some main hair markets for hair wholesalers

Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

If you’re new to the hair extension industry, you’ll need all the help you can get to remain ahead of the pack. There are several aspects and considerations that go into running a successful hair extension company. With Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022, you can start the procedure.

Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Vietnam – one of the leading Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese hair market is still in its infancy compared to the Chinese or Indian markets, it has expanded significantly in recent years and has become the favorite choice of hair merchants all over the world. Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers are among the top best wholesale hair vendors worldwide.

Some knowledge about Vietnamese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Anyone who is interested in the topic of beauty, particularly hair extensions, will know which sources of components are reliable and of excellent quality.

Vietnam is the most potential hair market.

Vietnamese hair is known for its strength, resilience, and, most notably, its black Asian hue. As a result, hair extension firms frequently purchase their extensions in Vietnam.

So, here are some reasons why you should choose Vietnamese hair factories to deal with. To begin with, the hair of Vietnamese women is regarded for being naturally silky and healthy. Vietnamese hair is derived from women who live in mountainous areas where the weather is cold and the hair is less shiny. Their hair is therefore protected from the sun and does not split at the ends.

Hair prices in Vietnamese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Vietnamese hair is offered at a greater price than hair from China due to its superior quality. However, you may consider it to be inexpensive since, while not as inexpensive as two other options, the quality of these actual human hair extensions is far superior.

Price of hair extension in K-Hair

Some recommended Vietnamese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Vietnam is a really potential hair market for your importing hair for reselling and wholesaling. You need to know some reliable address to do your import through Vietnamese hair review and the information below.


K-Hair is a major wholesale hair distributor with over 20 years of business expertise, offering 100% high-quality human hair extensions to countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Europe, Russia, and Brazil. 

K-Hair is the leading hair business in Vietnam

Virgin hair is the most popular, but raw hair, virgin hair, remy hair, human hair extensions weft, lace closure and lace frontal, tape/tip-in, and other items are also available. Not all Vietnamese hair accessories are black, despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is noted for its natural black hue. K-Hair can change any hair color with high-quality raw hair material! K-Hair is judged to be one of the Best wholesale hair vendors 2022

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000
  • Feedback from customers to K-Hair:

K-Hair always receive positive feedbacks from their customers on high quality hair products and good services. It can be explained by the company’s focusing on customer services and assurance in hair sources. These are some feedbacks on their website and their Youtube channel.

In addition, K-Hair is also known as a reliable hair expert that can give a variety of sharings about hair care and hair tips. Some of the most loved topics are how to take care of real hair, how to take care of hair extensions, how to wash a human hair wig properly, which products to use for hair, etc.

K-Hair always receive good feedbacks from their customers

5S Hair

5S Hair Vietnam is the first hair plant in Vietnam to offer 100% human hair in large quantities. You may not be familiar with the term 5S Hair, which has been popular on social media for some years. 

You may not hear about this factory because the firm didn’t have Internet connectivity in the early 1990s, it could only sell hair in quantity to loyal clients through traditional trade ways or to consumers who bought directly from the factory. 5S Factory’s hair kinds and styles are distributed to wholesalers all over the world, including 5S Hair Vietnam.

5S Hair is one of the oldest hair factories in Vietnam

Although 5S is new to social media, any customers having bought products from 5S left good comment on them. The main reasons are:

  • The best pricing on the market is offered by 5S Hair. Because 5S possesses a distinct plant that is run scientifically and ideally, the company’s selling price is the best in Vietnam and exceptionally competitive in the global market. Despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is a premium item owing to its high quality, 5S Hair attempts to provide the best pricing so that every client has the opportunity to try it.
  • S Hair is a well-known and trusted brand. A brand is formed by a person’s reputation. 5S Hair has received several diplomas and accolades from Vietnamese government and prominent organizations in recognition of the quality of its goods and the values it brings to the community.

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84855555348

China – one of the leading Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

The wig and hair industry in China is heavily concentrated, with significant centers in Xuchang, Qingdao, Taihe, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shaoyang. Some Westerners travel to Yiwu, China, to purchase hair accessories. When it comes to purchasing for the hair products industry, however, the Zhejiang province offers no pricing, quality, or transportation advantages. There are a number of large hair industries in the area.

Some knowledge about Chinese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Hair extensions from Chinese hair factories have been imported for sale by many, if not all, hair retailers. If you’ve worked with Chinese hair manufacturers before, you’ll notice that the pricing and quantities given varies between Vietnamese and Chinese hair factories.


Only a small percentage of hair in China is of Chinese origin, as few Chinese people, with the exception of very poor rural women, choose to cut and sell their hair. So, how did Chinese hair care products get their start? Almost majority of China’s hair is sent to India, which is a key market for low-cost human hair extensions.

China is one of the biggest markets in the world

Hair manufacturers may be located all around China, employing a diverse workforce. China creates tons of hair bulks every day using contemporary technology and ships them all over the world.

Hair prices in Chinese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

In general, Chinese hair prices are quite cheap. For instance, the price list 1kg 9A straight hair 12”  bundle is $210. However, it is explained by the unassured hair sources so you should consider before making decisions.

Hair prices in Chinese hair market

Recommended Chinese Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Ted Hair 

Ted Hair is China’s most well-known hair business. Distributors, salons, and internet shop owners all around the world rely on it for hair goods and services. Apart from China, Ted Hair is considered as the number one hair factory in the United States, having warehouses in major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, and… They mostly supply wigs, but if you buy in quantity, you can also discover high-quality human hair extensions weft here.

Ted Hair is China’s most well-known hair business

There return and exchange policy is quite clear and easy to follow. There are some main steps to MAKE AN APPLICATION FOR A REFUND/ EXCHANGE:

  • Within 7 days after receiving your order, you must contact us.
  • Depending on the circumstances, we may request that you share images or video of your hair.
  • Your name, phone number, and order ID must be included in the return package.
  • Exchange: Before a refund may be permitted, merchandise must be physically received at our corporate office and all items must be confirmed to be correct.
  • Refund: Before a refund may be authorized, merchandise must be physically received to our corporate office and all items must be certified accurate. Then we’ll reimburse the product’s purchase price but not the delivery costs.

India – one of the leading Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

Indian hair is commonly referred to as inexpensive hair extensions, which are human hair extensions sold at a low cost in hair markets throughout the world. 

Indian Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022 are ones supplying you hair extensions at cheap prices

The phrase “cheap” refers to hair that is less expensive than the average. Although not all low-cost hair products are harmful, they can’t be compared to high-quality, higher-priced alternatives.

Hair prices in Indian hair market

 In truth, both men and women in India, a Hindu country, donate their hair to temples as a thank-you gesture. This is the place to go if you want Indian hair. The hair is tossed together without being sifted, resulting in a low-quality product and, of course, a low price that is commonly recognized as the lowest on the market. The majority of this hair belongs to you.

Indian hair comes frpm temples

Some recommended Indian Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022

here are some recommended Indian hair factory for you consideration. If you are about to deal Indian hair with Indian hair factory, they are ideal suggestions for you.

SGI Hair 

SGI Hair is one of India’s top manufacturers and exporters of natural human hair wigs and hair extensions. Virgin Indian Human Hair, Weave, Curly Blond, Long Hair, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, and Front Lace Wigs are their primary items, which are reasonably priced but not as excellent as hair sauces from other countries.

SGI Hair is recommeded Indian hair vendor for you

Their raw virgin hair has some features:

  • Origin: Raw Indian human hair is collected from temples in the south of India, where it is customary for women to contribute long hair in exchange for prayers. Every month, the Indian temple officials gather this raw Remy/Remi human hair, which is auctioned to Indian hair suppliers and exporters.
  • Quality: Raw Indian Virgin Remy hair is unique in the hair extensions market and offers the best value in comparison to other human hair extensions such as Chinese hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Mongolian human hair extensions because this raw Indian hair has not been processed or treated with any chemicals, resulting in long-lasting and durable hair extensions and wigs made from raw Indian remy human hair. The raw Indian virgin Remy human hair extensions were eventually transformed into a variety of value-added products.
  • Style: As this is a limited availability Indian hair extensions style, these Raw Indian Remy virgin hair extensions naturally get Indian straight hair, Indian wavy hair, Indian body wavy hair, and Natural curly hair. Indian curly hair extensions are one of the most demanding and popular hair in the Indian virgin Remy hair extensions market.

Chennai Hair Factory

With nearly a decade of experience, Chennai Hair Factory is dedicated to providing the best conditions for Remy hair extensions in India, with a variety of hair extensions that have intact cuticles, while adhering to its quality-oriented products, experienced professionals, on-time delivery, and other guidelines. Their hair products are also available in a range of styles, including wave, deep, curly, straight, kinky, curly, and more. As a top human hair distributor in India, their goal in developing strategy guidelines is to boost consumer trust.

Chennai hair factory receive 5 stars comment on their website

Chennai hair Factory always receive 5 stars for their services and best Indian hair extensions.

London Virgin Hair – UK Top List Hair Vendors Suppliers 2022 for your luxurious hair 

London Virgin Hair is a well-known human hair extensions company specializing in high-end hair extensions in the United Kingdom. Their main focus is on hair and professional packaging, and their main business goal is to debunk the myth that great quality must come at a premium price.

London Virgin Hair is a well-known human hair extensions company

They strive to impress our clients with their knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. They like getting and packaging 100 percent virgin hair that is attractive, thick, and silky for all budgets. By going straight to the source, they can provide you with the finest quality Virgin hair, advice, and fashion trends. Our models have been featured on Voice of Hair all across the world, which makes them happy.

LVH are given many positive comments

They receive more than 1 thousand 5 stars and positive comments on their official website for their best hair quality. Of course, when it comes to UK hair suppliers, human hair extensions blonde are among the first items to mention. They are favorite items of customers here. London Virgin Hair is also able to provide this kind of hair extension.

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