Wholesale hair extensions: How to import hair from potential hair markets.

 Wholesale hair extensions: How to import hair from potential hair markets.

Wholasale hair extensions

You’re going to launch a hair extension company of your own? First and foremost, congrats for picking one of the most promising markets to invest in! You want to be a successful wholesale hair merchant, but you’re not sure where to start? All of your questions regarding wholesale hair vendors will be answered, including the uncertainty in fundamental information, the market, goods, shipping and importing process.

Wholasale hair extensions

General knowledge about wholesale hair extensions. 

As a newbie, you may not have many information about wholesale hair extensions. But don’t worry, after reading this post, you will have core knowledge about this aspect and be able to start your own hair business.

Is wholesale hair extensions supplier worthy becoming?

For many individuals, hair extensions are a popular cosmetic choice, but wouldn’t it be easier to just grow out your natural hair rather than sit and have extension pieces done on a regular basis? The response is a resounding nay for many.

Is wholesale hair extensions supplier worthy becoming?

While many people opt to wear long hair extensions because they appreciate the way they appear, there are a variety of reasons why men and women choose to do so.

Hair extensions may swiftly and simply add volume and length to your hairdo, giving it a fresh new appearance. They may be a fun and easy way to cover over a terrible haircut or get ready for a big occasion. Hair extensions, on the other hand, should not be taken lightly.

“Wholesale hair extensions suppliers can benefit from the huge demand of people in hair beauty. So don’t hesitate to start if you are having intentions.”

Name 4 main steps to become an wholesale hair extensions suppliers.

To simplify the process of starting a wholesale hair extensions reselling or business, I have generalized it into 4 main step:

  • Step 1: Know which are potential hair markets for importing wholesale hair extensions
  • Step 2: Know how to import wholesale hair extensions from countries
  • Step 3: Know some barriers badly affect shipping process of wholesale hair extensions
  • Step 4: Make detailed plan for your wholesale hair extensions business
Name 4 main steps to become an wholesale hair extensions suppliers.

These are just 4 core ones but they can vary from individual to individual because of many factors like nationality, your already level of knowledge in hair aspect, etc.

Know which are potential hair markets for importing wholesale hair extensions 

Wholesale hair extensions may be found all over the world, and the hair industry is a substantial market. There are a few crucial markets to consider, though, because they can cater to any hair type and style.

India – where you can find cheap wholesale hair extensions

Indian hair is typically taken from villages and temples in rural regions, according to our research. In these areas, it is customary for Hindu women to visit temples and shave their heads to demonstrate their faith and devotion for Gods. Despite the fact that it is human hair, it is frequently mixed up and transformed into remy or non-remy hair of poor quality. “Comb waste” is another source.

 This is the place to go if you want Indian hair. The hair is tossed together and unsorted, resulting in a low-quality, low-cost product. Their hair might also be a combination of human and animal hair.

Where Indian hair extension come from?

The recommended hair vendors for wholesale hair extensions in India is Single Donor Hair. Single Donor Hair has been supplying masses of human hair extensions at a low cost since 2005, with hair goods such as Curly wavy Hair extensions, Human Hair Weft, Machine Weft Hair, Virgin Hair, Indian Hair Weft, Remi Indian, Closures Hair. Because of the many domestic hair sources, items are sold at low rates, making it a good choice for wholesale hair dealers on a tight budget.

SGI Hair is recommeded Indian hair vendor for you

Contact information:

  • Whatsapp: +918042984311
  • Facebook: Single Donor Hair

China – the market of huge quantities of wholesale hair extensions

The recommended hair vendors for wholesale hair extensions in China is Xbl Hair Factory and Honest Hair Factory.

 Xbl Hair Factory

 Xbl Hair Factory is a global hair company that supplies hair to both local and foreign markets. Their primary market is Africa and Latin America, where Brazilian hair is most popular. They’ve been in the hair industry for almost 20 years and currently control two plants in China.

Xbl Hair Factory supplies hair to both local and foreign markets.

Contact information:

  • Website: https://www.xblhair.com/
  • Tel: +86 13316272915
  • Whatsapp: +86 13316272915
  • Email: xblhair009@xblhair.com

Honest Hair Factory

Honest Hair Factory, founded in 2007, is one of Asia’s leading hair suppliers. Customers’ needs are also met by this Chinese hair seller, which specializes in human hair extensions research, product, sales, and customer care. Honest Hair Factory may be a great partner for newcomers who wish to build a fortune in this business, with a big scale operation of more than 600 people and revenue consumption of 50+ tons.

Honest Hair – one of the most famous Chinese hair factories in hair extensions

Contact information:

  • Email: sales800@honesthairfactory.com
  • Website: honesthairfactory.com
  • Whatsapp: +8613660299577

Vietnam – best choice for both quality and price of wholesale hair extensions

Vietnamese hair factories are popular among wholesale hair dealers all over the world because they can fulfill both their pricing and quality requirements. Almost all resellers want to save money and make more money, but they still want to offer high-quality human hair extensions on the internet. In compared to two other marketplaces, Vietnamese hair is of considerably superior quality, and the price is, of course, slightly more. But believe me when I say that quality always goes hand in hand with price. 

Vietnam is the most potential hair market.

Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors, like many others, go to remote and hilly locations to acquire women’s hair. They exclusively buy hair from women between the ages of 18 and 25, who are still youthful and in good health, and who also pay greater attention to hair maintenance. As a result, the hair supply is guaranteed to be fresh and of excellent quality. It’s usually silky smooth and not tangled.

Hair sources were one of the most important aspects in Vietnam’s growth.

The recommended hair vendors for wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam is K-Hair.

Vietnam is a potential market and K-Hair is known as one of the leading hair businesses there. It has ranked the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam in 2020. K-Hair exports tons of hair each month from its main plant in the north of Vietnam. Human hair extensions online weft, clip-in, tip/tape-in with three grades: super double drawn, double, and single are all available from K-Hair Vietnam.

K-Hair Vietnam is a wholesale hair vendor for hair extensions

Contact information:

  • Website: www.k-hair.com
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Europe – place of luxurious wholesale hair extensions quality with high prices

Because European and Russian hair extensions are lightweight and come in a variety of colors, most women strive to find a European or Russian hair extension that suits their own hair textures. European hair is particularly well suited to persons with severely delicate or fine hair. When hair falls on the sides of the face, its natural wave appears gentle and sensitive. Because European hair has so much potential, it needs a lot more effort than simply straightening it. It is regarded as infinitely flexible and very wearable by stylists. The color variations available on this sort of hair eliminate the need for frequent, severe bleaching.

Overview about Ẻuopean hair market

The recommended hair vendors for wholesale hair extensions in Europe is Aleriana Wigs and Hair. Aleriana Wigs and Hair has been producing high-quality human and synthetic hair wigs for ladies since 1989, having been founded in Argentina in 1969. They buy and sell a lot of hair from Europe and the United States. North America, South America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe are the primary markets for their products.

Contact information:

  • Telephone: 54-11-42821760
  • Fax Number: 54-11-42820549

Know how to import wholesale hair extensions from countries and some factors affect this process.

When being a wholesale hair extensions reseller, you may have to import hair from these above markets. But as a newbie, it is difficult for in to be in such a complex process. Don’t  worry, I will show you some main steps.

How to import wholesale hair extensions

These are the steps involved in importing wholesale hair extensions in general.

  • You will get access to a website where you may select your products.
  • For further information about payment and customer service, contact salers.
  • Get the product invoice and pay it.
  • Products are received and confirmed with the sellers.
How to import hair from K-Hair Vietnam?

Some barriers badly affect shipping process of wholesale hair extensions

It maybe easier to import hair without the impact of Covid-19. And now, you need to know some barriers in importing wholesale hair extensions:

The influence of COVID-19 pandemic on wholesale hair extensions

Since its discovery in Wuhan, China, in December, the 2019 coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has infected over 82,000 individuals in 46 countries, killing 2,804 people.

The influence of COVID-19 pandemic on wholesale hair extensions

Hair extensions are widely available in China. However, there is no proof that the coronavirus is being transported with synthetic or human hair. The coronavirus pandemic, according to CNN, has had an impact on the human hair market. Fears that certain hair extension companies in China might be breeding grounds for the coronavirus have forced them to close temporarily. Other industrial industries have been impacted in a similar way.

The lack of wholesale hair extensions hair sources in these countries

Many wholesale hair extensions producers are running out of raw material – genuine hair – which they used to import in large quantities from neighboring countries like India, but industry insiders told the Global Times that the coronavirus pandemic has cut both production and transportation from those countries.

Companies with available hair inventory, particularly top industry players, are benefiting from the scenario.

China has been significantly reliant on other Asian countries to import real hair and hair processing equipment, according to industry experts. China now imports the majority of its real hair from India, with Thailand and Bangladesh also exporting real hair to Chinese businesses. North Korea processes and knits the majority of the hair.

However, several Asian nations have halted manufacturing or shut off shipments to China as a result of the epidemic. As a result, wig manufacturers in the nation are running out of raw materials.

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