Wholesale hair vendors: Top leading wholesale hair vendors in the world.

 Wholesale hair vendors: Top leading wholesale hair vendors in the world.

Wholesale hair vendors: Top leading wholesale hair vendors in the world.

Because of the growing demand for hair extensions, the hair business has been booming for years and has lately become a billion-dollar sector. Many wholesale hair vendors have entered the hair industry to offer raw hair to various groups of consumers in order to suit both local and international hair use needs.

Wholesale hair vendors: Top leading wholesale hair vendors in the world.

Top 5 best wholesale hair vendors in the world.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can find all sorts of wholesale hair vendors all over the world, but you must do a thorough search for reputable distributors or you risk getting duped.

K-Hair Vietnam – one of the wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

K-Hair is an example of a dependable firm that supplies high-quality hair extensions to wholesale hair merchants all around the world. With the slogan “Quality is King,” they put quality first, so you can trust the hair materials they import. Furthermore, their employees are all well-trained, hardworking, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. They wish to provide clients with hair products as well as their reputation.

K-Hair is the recommended hair vendors in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website: www.k-hair.com
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn

Hair King – an Indian wholesale hair vendors for customers in low budget

Hair King has been supplying hair to salons, distributors, and retailers all around the world for over 15 years. Almost all of their hair products are produced from remy hair and come in a wide range of styles: Tip in hair extensions, Loop Hair Extensionse, …

Hair King – an Indian wholesale hair vendors for customers in low budget

Contact information:

  • Website: https://www.humanhairexportersinchennai.com/
  • Whatsapp: +919841325321

Beyond Hair – a UK wholesale hair vendors delivering types of hair items

Beyond Hair was established in 2010 as an exclusive hair extensions business in the center of London. Our main purpose is to supply today’s modern women with the greatest quality Virgin Hair Extensions. Their hair is of the highest quality, comes in a range of textures and hues, and is sought after by loyal customers, top salons, and top hair stylists all over the world.

Beyond Hair London is a wholesale hair vendors for your consideration

Contact information:

  • Telephone:  0208 889 3112
  • Email: info@beyondhair.co.uk
  • Facebook: Beyond Hair UK

Kabeilu – a wholesale hair vendors in China supplying qualified hair extensions 

Kabeilu Hair has been a reputable human hair supplier for about 13 years, specializing in high-quality virgin human hair and is always in top list of best Chinese hair factories . Styles, lengths, and hues abound in their offerings. Kabeilu Hair is a reputable hair salon that is dedicated to providing outstanding customer care. Furthermore, because the wholesale price is supporting, it is an excellent dealer for a new hair business.

Kabeilu – a wholesale hair vendors in China supplying qualified hair extensions

 Contact information:

  • Telephone: +8613822131794
  • Gmail: webmaster@kabeilu.com
  • Website: keibelu.com

Luxy hair – a leading wholesale hair vendors from US 

Remy hair makes up the whole of Luxy human hair extensions. Remy hair is the highest-quality human hair on the market, with cuticles intact to reduce tangling and increase the life of your extensions. Only the finest strands of the appropriate length are picked and aligned in a single direction after the hair is sifted. Human hair extensions weft, clip in, as well as other styles, are available here.

Luxy hair is a leading wholesale hair vendors from US

Contact for more information:

  • Email: info@luxyhair.com
  • Telephone: 416-722-1743
  • Website: luxyhair.com
  • Facebook: Luxy Hair

Some hair qualities and hair styles can wholesale hair vendors buy and sell

You may be overwhelmed by the quantities of hair qualities and styles in hair market. However, in the very early state, you ought to buy and sell some core types that have been common for years.

Some hair qualities for wholesale hair vendors

There are some core hair qualities that you can choose as wholesale hair vendors such as raw hair, virgin hair, remy hair and synthetic hair. So, what are they?

Raw hair extensions

Hair that has not been treated and is collected from a single donor is referred to as raw hair. The hair is cut immediately from a donor and wrapped into a bundle right soon to keep all cuticles intact and in the same direction. This hair is of the highest quality in the world since it is 100 percent natural.

Raw hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors

Raw hair extensions may easily last more than two years if properly cared for. It’s popular because of its wonderful texture and naturally dark color, which makes it great for hair weaving. It can be groomed to give you whatever look you choose, and its beauty will stay for a long time.

Virgin hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are human hair that has not been treated and has been taken from a single donor. It’s neither bleached or tinted, and it’s all natural. Because it is not treated with harsh chemicals, this hair type is rare and commands a high price. Virgin hair has no grey hairs or damaged ends since it originates from younger women. When choosing virgin hair, donors must have long, full, healthy human hair. 

Virgin hair is the best of human hair extensions

When it’s gathered, it’s usually hand-picked from thick, full, long ponytails. Because virgin hair collected from ponytails is of healthy non-processed hair, it does not require any additional chemical processing to make it appear wonderful.

Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extensions on the market due to their great quality and inexpensive price. Remy hair is a high-quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends in with your natural hair perfectly. Hair with all of its cuticles intact and flowing in the same direction is referred to as “remy hair” (at time of collection).

Remy hair gets its name from a hair-gathering technique.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair is a substance that looks like human hair but is made from non-human materials. The names “fake hair,” “weave,” and “extensions” are all used to describe these cosmetic items. They’re most commonly used by women to make their hair seem longer, thicker, or a different color.

Synthetic hair extensions VS Human hair extensions

Synthetic hair is commonly used by women who believe it enhances their appearance. This can be achieved by making a woman with short hair appear to have longer hair, or by producing buns and other styles that would be impossible to achieve without the use of hair extensions due to a lack of natural hair volume. Fake hair may also be used by women who want to change the color of their hair without dying it.

Some hair styles for wholesale hair vendors

There are some main hair styles that new wholesale hair vendors can import and reselling like tape in hair extensions, tip in hair extensions, weft hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extension technique that may help you get a longer, thicker natural look. Tape-in extensions are a hairstyle that comprises of medical-grade tapes that are normally 4 cm long and inserted in the hair roots. People must detach the adhesive tab before attaching it to natural hair.

Characteristics of tape in human hair extensions

The following are some of the most important characteristics of tape-in human hair extensions:

  • It has a natural appearance because it is applied directly to your hair roots.
  • Less hazardous: Tape-in hair is lighter than clip-in hair and never exerts pressure on your head, saving your natural hair from breakage and loss.
  • Reusable: After a few weeks, your tape-in extensions may begin to pull down. All that’s left is for you to go out and acquire some double-sided tape. Tape-in hair extensions may often be used 2-4 times.
  • Colors, styles, and lengths come in a range of colors, styles, and lengths to suit your needs.
  • Simple application: If you utilize mirrors, you may apply hair extensions tape fully without the need of machinery.

Tip in hair extensions

Tip in hair extensions

There are two sorts of tip in hair extensions: u tip hair extensions and I tip hair extensions.

  • The U tip hair extensions are keratin-prepped hair extensions that are applied by a perm or perm. This form of hair extension is also known as fusion. You’ll need to melt keratin using a heating instrument to implant the u-shaped fusion expansion. Even though these devices produce a fraction of the heat produced by a traditional curling iron, you may have delicate or damaged hair and wish to avoid the heat as much as possible.
  • I tip hair extensions, also known as stick tips, receive their name from the form of the keratin points that hold the hair together, which are typically a centimeter long. You may have ideal mermaid hair in a day with lengths ranging from 14″ to 24″. It’s easy to see why I-tips are so popular, given the variety of ways to use them. I tip is secured to your hair using micro-rings, which are then fixed with pliers. By keeping your hair in the ring, this keeps the extension in place. Depending on your hair type and condition, heat may or may not be necessary. Your extensions expert will provide you advice on this.

Clip in hair extensions

Extensions made of human hair Clip in  is a method of processing that allows human hair to be readily put on natural genuine hair using a series of tiny pressure detecting clips. Hair wefts of various sizes, ranging from one, two, three, and four clips, are included in clipped sets of hair extensions.

Human hair extensions clip in

In the fashion sector, this method of attaching is highly common. The concept is that it keeps the hair extensions attached to the clip and is simple to use. And they’re supposed to be blended in with your natural hair to give you the ultimate look. This approach is the least long-lasting, and it necessitates removing the Clip ins every night before going to bed.

How can wholesale hair vendors import hair from Vietnam – the most potential market?

In Vietnam, major credit cards, Western Union, bank transfers, and e-wallets are all allowed as long as you pay in US dollars. Follow the procedures below to import Vietnamese hair extensions.

  • Step 1: Go to the brand’s website and search for your item.
  • Step 2: For further information about items, payment, and delivery, contact their employees through Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Step 3: Get your things, check the invoice, and pay for them.
  • Step 4: After a few days, you will receive your stuff. Confirm that it is in ruins and that nothing can be done about it.
How to import hair from K-Hair Vietnam?

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