Clip in hair extensions: the easiest method for longer and thicker hair.

 Clip in hair extensions: the easiest method for longer and thicker hair.

Clip in hair extensions

The hair market is continually changing, with a variety of new hairstyles in the business, which is known for clip in hair extensions – a temporary solution for women’s hair. Clip in hair extensions have attracted clients from all over the world due to its rapid growth and stylish market. For additional information, see this article.

Clip in hair extensions

Overview about clip in hair extensions

Clip hair extensions is the highest in-demand hair styles because of its marvelous characteristics. Women just need less time to have more length on their hair!

What is clip in hair extensions

Extensions made of human hair Clip-in, also known as Clip-ins Weave, is a method of processing that allows human hair to be readily put on natural genuine hair using a series of tiny pressure detecting clips. Hair wefts of various sizes, ranging from one, two, three, and four clips, are included in clipped sets of hair extensions.

What is clip in hair extensions?

In the fashion sector, this method of attaching is highly common. The concept is that it keeps the hair extensions attached to the clip and is simple to use. And they’re supposed to be blended in with your natural hair to give you the ultimate look. This approach is the least long-lasting, and it necessitates removing the Human Hair Extension Clip in every night before going to bed.

Advantages and disadvantages of clip in hair extensions

  • Clip in Human Hair Extensions can be put and withdrawn at any time. Install the clips by sliding them in and gently sliding them out after you’re finished.
  • They can be washed, dried, and styled exactly like your own hair, shedding is low, and they may be worn indefinitely.
  • Always having a great quantity of merchandise on hand in the market. Have a variety of sorts that are appropriate for each individual’s budget because virtually all of them are available at reasonable rates and of great quality.
  • At first, styling and wearing more hair than normal might be a difficult transition.
  • The clip in hair cannot be worn at all times of the day.
  • To keep synthetic clip in hair extensions alive, they must be maintained on a regular basis.

In general, clip in hair extensions do more pros than cons so it is absolutely a worthy hair styles for customers.

Prices of clip in hair extensions

This is an example for prices of clip in hair extensions:

The typical cost of clip in hair extensions is $200, plus $75 for an initial trim at the hairdresser and $300 for a hair treatment to reduce damage and breakage if feasible.

Besides from that, different pricing levels will be equal if customers purchase clip in Hair Extensions in different ways, such as e-commerce or offline, online, and so on.

Prices of clip in hair extensions

How to maintain clip in hair extensions?

  • Washing Clip-In Hair Extensions Moderately: It is strongly advised that clip in Hair Extensions be washed just one to two times each week. The more you wash your hair, the more damaged it becomes. Furthermore, washing may cause the installation to loosen and fall out.
  • Brushing gently: Before restyling, be sure to brush out any clip in Hair Extensions. Users may select the appropriate paddle brush for their hairdo from a variety of options.
Washing Clip-In Hair Extensions Moderately
  • Using specific products: All human hair extensions, not only clip in extensions, require particular treatments to supply what is best shampoo for hair extensions. Choosing hair products that are sulfate-free, include gentle ingredients, and provide adequate hydration.
  • Protecting clip in Hair Extensions while sleeping: To minimize damage and dryness to both the hair extensions and personal hair, wrap them in silk or satin pillow coverings.

Top leading hair markets in the world for clip in hair extensions

Due to the fact that many users are in favor of clip in hair extensions, many hair vendors join and supply this hair style. It both do harm and good because you can have numerous choices but are also at risk of being scammed. You should look to reliable ones to deal with.

Vietnam – the best hair industry in clip in hair extensions

Vietnam has recently become top leading market in hair beauty. They not only supply hair for domestic wholesalers but also import hair to foreign ones.

Overview about Vietnamese hair market

Hair sources were one of the most important aspects in Vietnam’s growth. The longevity and high quality of Vietnamese hair are well-known. Its natural color is black, making it simple to bleach and mix with a range of colors to meet a variety of demands in a variety of countries.

Vietnam is the most potential hair market.

Despite the fact that Vietnam’s hair industry has been growing for some time, the country has developed a reputation for exporting hair to high-demand markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and Europe…

K- Hair – the recommended hair factory for you

K-hair Vietnam continues to promote human hair extensions products in order to stay up with the rapid growth in the global hair market in general, and in Europe in particular. They are dominating and drawing clients in this multi-billion-dollar sector, which includes Human Hair Extensions UK Clip-in, as well as Human Hair Extensions Clip-in. K-hair takes satisfaction in collaborating with high-ranking hair vendors throughout the world, such as Russia, Nigeria, and Brazil, thanks to the quantity of high-quality hair supply chains.

K-Hair is the recommended hair vendors in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website: 
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84 855588000

5S Hair factory – one of the most experienced hair factories in Vietnam

5S Hair Factory is Vietnam’s first Vietnamese hair factory, offering 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair extensions, virgin hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip/tape in hair extensions, and more. We mostly offer European hair extensions and export to wholesale hair vendors in countries such as Brazil and Russia. The United Kingdom, the United States, and so on.

5S Hair will be honored to receive the Top Famous Vietnamese Brand Award 2021 in 2021, a renowned award presented annually in Vietnam to recognize respected enterprises. This is a validation of 5S Hair’s market position and worth, as well as a reward for our arduous work.

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84855555348

China – huge hair industry in clip in hair extensions

If you’ve been selling hair for a while, you’ll know that Chinese hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair.

Overview about Chinese hair market

If you’re new to the hair industry, you might wonder why Chinese hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair. It’s because of production on a large scale. Chinese hair factories use high-tech in hair business manufacturing to generate a large number of hair that is always accessible in stock, thanks to current technology and mass-production.

China is one of the biggest markets in the world

Moreover, Chinese hair is frequently blended from a variety of donors, such as Indian hair and Cambodian hair (not from a 100% pure hair donor), resulting in a lower price than Vietnamese hair.

Asteria Hair – the recommended Chinese hair factory for you

Asteria has been in business for 16 years and has a 100-year history of working with human hair. It has always promised to satisfy the majority of the client’s demands. Furthermore, this Chinese hair retailer is ideally positioned to take advantage of vast technological advancements to establish several virtual platforms, such as Aliexpress. These business techniques have a significant impact on Asteria Hair sellers’ profits.

Contact information: 

  • Email:
  • Hotline: 8615136424039
  • Whatsapp: 8615238065852
  • Website:

India – where you can find cheap clip in

India is the cheap hair sources for global markets, including China – the country has a great number of unemployees and a high level of machines.

Overview about India hair market

What’s the deal with their hair extensions being so cheap? The answers can also be found in the hair’s origins and manufacture. Both men and women in India, a Hindu country, donate their hair to temples as a way of showing their gratitude to God. Then, for a modest fee, all of the temple hair will be obtained to produce hair extensions.

 Furthermore, because the qualities of natural Indian human hair are rather dry and not smooth, their natural hair is typically not as appealing as the final hair extensions that they refer to as “virgin hair extensions.”

Indian hair market supply you cheap hair

SGI Hair – the recommended Indian hair factory for you

For many years, India has been known for its plentiful temple hair, which is acquired from south Indian temples where women traditionally contribute long hair in exchange for prayers. Sgi hair has gained the trust of top celebrities to become more confident and beautiful due to its specialization in the hair extensions industry and cheap pricing when compared to other hair extensions.

SGI Hair is recommeded Indian hair vendor for you

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Hotline: ( +91) 98843 33534
  • Website:

UK – best clip in hair extensions you can find

If you’ve been in the wholesale hair vendors market for a while, you’ve probably heard of human hair extensions UK as one of the most promising marketplaces in the world. 

Overview about UK hair market

Despite the fact that they do not have as many hair factories as other nations, they have a strong reputation. The high quality human hair extensions goods are the reason why human hair extensions UK is so well-known across the world. There, hair dealers go to great lengths to obtain high-quality hair sources.

Overview about UK hair market

Human hair extensions UK has been the top hair market in the globe for many years. Despite the fact that it does not supply hair on a massive scale like other nations such as India and China, which have the world’s two largest populations. However, due of the high quality of the hair. They sell virgin and remy hair that is manufactured entirely of human hair.

Lullabellz – the recommended UK hair factory for you

Because of their importance, LullaBellz hair dealer constantly seeks to inspire confidence, beauty, and gorgeou in any lady. Customers, worldwide influencers, and celebrities on virtual platforms have all influenced this UK Humanclip in Hair Extensions throughout the years. LullaBellz is here to help you uncover the finest version of yourself!

LullaBellz is one of the most promising clip in hair extensions providers in the UK

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Lullabellz

As a beginner, how can I import hair from Vietnam?

Vietnam, as I have said above, is the most potential market for clip in hair extensions. When dealing with them, you will experience not only quality in hair products but also in customer policies. These are some main steps to import Vietnamese hair: 

  • On the website, look for the items.
  • Choose your favorite and submit its name or number, along with a description of the texture, length, color, and other characteristics.
  • Check the invoice and confirm the order.
  • Confirm the invoice and pay the bill.
  • Before accepting delivery, inspect the hair quality.
  • Confirm that you will get the hair and pay the remaining balance.
How to import hair from Vietnam?

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