Tape in hair extensions: Where to find high quality tape in hair extensions in global hair market?

 Tape in hair extensions: Where to find high quality tape in hair extensions in global hair market?

Tape in hair extensions

Human hair extensions tape in have been quite popular among individuals all around the world for numerous decades. They prefer hair extensions because they want to modify the color or style of their natural hair but don’t want to use chemicals on it. Tape in hair extensions are one of the most popular hair kinds and styles to pick from when showcasing a user’s personality.

Tape in hair extensions

Penetrating the phrase tape in hair extensions

Wholesale hair suppliers will benefit from an increase in the number of clients who use hair extensions. You’re a newcomer to the hair industry? Have you have extensive understanding of your field of study?

Definition of tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extension procedure that may help you get a longer and thicker natural hair look. Tape-in extensions are a hairstyle that consists of medical-grade tapes placed in the hair roots, which are typically 4 cm long. Before connecting the adhesive tab to natural hair, folks must peel it. 

Definition of tape in hair extensions

The amount of tape-in extensions you need for a complete head is determined by several factors, including the length and thickness of your existing hair, as well as the length you desire.

Features of tape in hair extensions

The following are the key qualities of tape-in human hair extensions:

  • Because it is immediately put into your hair roots, it has a natural appearance.
  • Less harmful: Tape-in hair, unlike clip-in hair, is lightweight and never puts pressure on your head, protecting your natural hair from loss and breakage.
  • Reusable: Your tape-in extensions may pull down after a few weeks. All you have to do now is go out and get some double-sided tape. Tape-in hair extensions can be used 2-4 times on average.
  • Flexible: There are a variety of colors, styles, and lengths to match your needs.
  • Easy application: You may completely apply hair extensions tape in yourself without the need of machines if you use mirrors.
Features of tape in hair extensions

Major markets of tape in hair extensions

Because of the numerous advantages that Human hair extensions tape-in provides, this hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. 

Many people use human hair extensions tape-in on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. These hair accessories are popular in practically every nation except Africa, where women’s hair is curly and short, making tape-ins impossible to apply. Tape-in enthusiasts are from Europe, Brazil, Asia, and the United States.

Where to find high quality tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions can be found anywhere but not all vendors can supply you high quality ones. You need to look to leading hair market to purchasing tape in hair extensions

Vietnam is the best choice for importing tape in hair extensions

It is always the case that prices correspond to quality. Although very low hair costs will not provide you with excellent quality hair products, if you still want qualified ones at a “cheap” price, Vietnam is the place to go.

Hair sources were one of the most important aspects in Vietnam’s growth.

The most essential factors to Vietnam’s development were its hair sources. Vietnamese hair is well-known for its durability and good quality. Its native hue is black, making it simple to bleach and combine with diverse colors to satisfy a variety of needs in a number of nations.

How to import tape in hair extensions from Vietnam?

Without a doubt, Vietnam is the most trustworthy market for human hair extensions tape-in. The following are the steps involved in importing Vietnamese hair:

  • You will get access to a website where you may select your items.
  • For further information about payment and customer service, contact salers.
  • Get the product invoice and pay it.
  • Products are received and confirmed with the vendors.
How to import hair from Vietnam?

Why are Vietnamese tape in hair extensions superior?

So, you may wonder whether to buy Vietnamese tape in hair extensions or not, I will give you more reasons why they are worthy.

You can dye Vietnamese tape in hair extensions

Although bleaching tap in hair extensions is possible, not all hair types are suitable for light color coloring. There are two primary hair kinds in the Vietnamese hair factories: virgin hair and remy hair. They’re all set to be dyed in bright hues 

  • Virgin hair extensions is made of hair that has only come from one donor and meets all of the standards for length, color, smoothness, and durability. Virgin hair is defined as hair that has not been bleached, dyed, or treated with any hazardous chemicals.
  • Remy hair is a haircut that is collected from a group of people, hence the quality of the hair may be inferior to virgin hair. Because some donors use chemicals on their hair on a daily basis while others do not, the hair condition of remy hair is insecure.
You can dye Vietnamese tape in hair extensions

How to maintain tape in hair extensions?

Daily hair care practices have a significant impact on the longevity of your hair extensions. For luxuriant hair extensions, follow these guidelines:

  • For extensions, use specialist hair care products. This is an important tip to remember since certain shampoos include hazardous ingredients that might destroy your hair extensions.
  • Wash your tape-in human hair extensions properly. You should treat it carefully and avoid using a scrub that is too harsh.
  • Keep your tape-in extensions luxuriant and tangle-free using a decent hair brush with smooth teeth.
  • To dry hair extensions, use the lowest heat setting on your hair drier and gently dry your hair from the ends to the roots.
How to maintain tape in hair extensions?

Top leading hair business for tape in hair extensions in the world

For high quality human hair extensions, you need to find reliable suppliers, of course. If you are confused of choosing one for you, these are some leading hair businesses that you should take into consideration..

ISEE – the most favorable hair brand in China

ISEE Hair is a company that manufactures high-quality human hair that hasn’t been chemically altered, and we only offer the highest grade of excellent hair. They promise to sell high-quality hair at cheap prices, and to grow into one of the world’s greatest human hair enterprises, with a strong supply capability and ample stock. Hair Bundles, Top Lace Closure & Frontal, Hair Wigs, Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave, as well as a range of other hairstyles, are among ISEE HAIR’s specialties.

ISEE is the most favorable hair brand in China

Contact for more information:

  • Order Support: Kate@iseehair.com
  • After-sale Service: Jessie@iseehair.com
  • WhatsApp: +8613271220951 / +8613271220952

K-Hair Vietnam – the biggest hair factory in Vietnam

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, K-Hair Factory Vietnam is reaffirming its position as Vietnam’s leading hair supplier and rapidly expanding its presence in the global hair market. K-Hair Vietnam has established itself as the most dependable hair distributor in a variety of countries ranging from Africa to Europe, with over 1500 dedicated hair merchants worldwide. Tip in hair extensions , closure/frontal, remy hair, raw hair extensions in bulk, and other items made of real Vietnamese hair are the company’s major offerings.

K-Hair is the recommended hair vendors in Vietnam

Contact for more information:

  • Website: www.k-hair.com
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Hair Development – the famous hair distributor in the UK

Hair Development specializes in locating the best grade European cuticle intact Remy hair as well as the softest 100% virgin cuticle hair on the world. They provide a magnificent range of 100 percent human hair extensions that are long-lasting and appear as real as possible. They take pride in their reputation as a high-quality hair extension provider since they only utilize 100% Remy hair. Hair Development is regarded as one of the most dependable wholesale hair extension brands in the United Kingdom.

Contact for more information:

  • Telephone: +442077904567
  • Gmail: hair@hair-development.com
  • Website: hair-development.com

Chennai Hair Factory – A distributor in India for cheap tape in hair extensions

Chennai Hair Factory began as a private proprietorship in 2012. Synthetic wigs, hair extensions, human hair, drawn hair, and a range of other things are among their offerings. These are manufactured at their facilities using high-quality hair sourced from reputable market vendors. In the realm of human hair extensions, Chennai Hair Factory is a pioneer. The firm has been serving clients from all around the world for more than three years.

Chennai Hair Factory provides the best conditions for hair extensions in India

Contact for more information:

  • Website: chennaihairfactory.com
  • Whatsapp: +918048371795

Dynasty Goddess – one of the most famous hair vendors in US

This hair vendor has grown into a professional wholesale provider of 100 percent virgin human hair goods, making them the best choice for all of your wholesale hair extensions needs. Furthermore, delivering reasonable pricing to save money while providing superior items and reliable quality is one of this USA hair’s business tactics. To optimize its income, Dynasty prefers to enter the e-commerce sector for supplying tape in hair extensions, taking use of technological advancements.

Dynasty Goddess – the best place in the USA to buy tape in hair extensions

Contact for more information:

  • Email: info@dynastygoddess.com
  • Customer Service Phone: 1-800-285-6210
  • Website: dynastygoddess.com

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